Ben Norman

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Associate Instructor
New Orleans, LA

Ben Norman (BNORM) is a fight director, stage combat instructor, intimacy coordinator, and director in the South Louisiana Region. He currently serves as the Technical Director at the Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts in Hammond, LA.

Ben has directed fights in the South Louisiana region for both Theatre and Film. Selected credits include Baby Doll (Le Petit Theatre), She Kills Monsters (Southeastern Louisiana University), and Puffs! (Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts). He regularly partners with local student organizations and Southeastern Louisiana University to teach introductory stage combat workshops to students as young 8.

Ben has a passion for teaching young artists how to advocate for their own safety at rehearsals and on set. By creating a low risk and artistically nurturing environment in rehearsal and the classroom, Ben encourages performers to make bold choices and step out of their comfort zones.

Ben is recognized as an Associate Instructor with Dueling Arts International, as well as an intermediate theatrical combatant. He is also a member of the Society of American Fight Directors. Since 2021, he has trained in Boxing to hone both his teaching and fighting technique. His specialty and favorite type of stage combat work is comedic violence.

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