Thomas McCurdy

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Associate Instructor
Los Angeles, California

Thomas McCurdy began his stage combat education at the 2003 Swords and Surf workshop in Honolulu, Hawaii. He quickly realized his passion for fight performance and choreography by becoming an Apprentice Instructor in 2006. Two years later he was recognized as an Associate Instructor.

To expand on his skills, McCurdy has trained in stunts and studied with instructors from around the globe at the Paddy Crean International Workshop since 2006.

McCurdy has choreographed fights for both film and stage in Los Angeles and Honolulu. He has also worked as an assistant stunt coordinator on multiple film projects. He is trained in unarmed fights for stage and screen, knife, single rapier, rapier and dagger, broadsword, smallsword, and quarterstaff.

McCurdy is a dynamic instructor who has taught at many levels including: high school, university, and at the professional level with actors in Los Angeles.