New Year’s Winter Workshop In New Orleans 22-23

Dec. 27, 2022 — Jan. 2, 2023

New Orleans, LA on the campus of Tulane University

This seven-day intensive workshop will take place on the campus of Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana from Tuesday Dec. 27th, 2022 to Monday January 2nd, 2023. Participants should plan to arrive in New Orleans no later than Monday December 26th and depart later in the afternoon or evening of Monday January 2nd. Shared Room Housing is available from Monday December 26th to Monday January 2nd. Daily training will be from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm daily with two additional evenings providing Master Classes. The workshop offers three separate training tracks.

  1. TRACK ONE – INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOP – This workshop will act as an introduction for beginners as well as serve as a review for Theatrical Combatants who may have previous training in Dueling Arts 6 primary disciplines of Unarmed Combat, Quarterstaff, Medieval Broadsword, Rapier & Dagger of the Renaissance, The Transitional Single Rapier and The Restoration Smallsword.
  2. TRACK TWO – LEVEL II – This track will provide in depth Level II Training and Optional Skills Test and Adjudication in Contemporary Dramatic Violence, Medieval Broadsword and Rapier and Dagger.
  3. MASTERS TRACK – This training track will provide training in Methods and Application of the Chinese Disciplines of Spear, Broadsword and T’ai Chi Sword!   


The Primary Instructors for this year’s winter workshop are Gregory Hoffman, Founder, Master Instructor and Fight Director for Dueling Arts International; Dave Maier, Senior Instructor and Master Fight Director for Dueling Arts International; and Nick Logue, Senior Instructor with Dueling Arts International.


  • The Training Fees for both the Introductory Workshop and the Master’s Track is $675.00
  • The Training Fee for Level Two is $700.00.
  • Shared Housing Fees are $400 for all participants.

Though late Registration may be possible the Deadline for Registration w/ Housing is Dec. 1st, 2022.

Space in each workshop will be limited so do plan to Register Early to Guarantee your spot!!

Please note that all workshop participants will be required to be fully Vaccinated for Covid 19 and abide by any Covid Testing and other Safety Protocols that Dueling Arts may required.

For Further Information and/or To Register please contact Bart Williams at


There are 3 scholarship opportunities this year:

Dueling Arts International Merit Scholarship
*this scholarship covers the cost of tuition*

This scholarship is awarded to a student who shows outstanding potential as a Theatrical Combatant and that exemplifies the qualities of generosity, open-mindedness and positivity. The ideal candidate is a person that will not only benefit from the training but will contribute to the DAI community for years to come. Candidates may be nominated via a letter of recommendation written by any member of the DAI community on behalf of the applicant, to be submitted to by November 20, 2022.


President’s Scholarship
*this scholarship covers the cost of tuition*
This scholarship is awarded to a continuing DAI student that demonstrates a desire to pursue further training with DAI, but does not have the financial means to attend the workshop. The ideal candidate would exemplify the qualities of generosity, open-mindedness and positivity, as well as can demonstrate a financial need. (This scholarship is made possible by a generous contribution from past DAI presidents.)
1) Instructor Recommendation:
· Please tell us who your candidate is and what specific participation in a DAI workshop, academic program or production lead them to you.
· Which scholarship they are applying for.
· What qualities or needs makes them a candidate for consideration?
· The committee is seeking students that you actually know through instruction or related arts, so please do not simply post on social media. The committee will only accept applications from students you have personally taught or directed.
2.) Student Candidate Application:
· Please compose a brief (500 words or so) but coherent explanation for your scholarship application.
· Include your experience with Dueling Arts International, your referring instructor, and your area of the artistic pursuit.
· Share with the committee why you are an ideal candidate for the Winter Workshop, and how you see your contribution to theatrical combat and Dueling Arts International.
· This scholarship will be awarded to the applicants whose submission best addresses not only why they need it, but also what they hope to gain from attending this workshop. Take time to think through and refine your submission for this application. Treat this as you would any other application for financial aid, college, or work; submissions with egregious grammatical and spelling errors will not be considered.

3.) Your emails should be submitted to and are due November 20, 2022.


Founders Scholarship
is awarded by and through Gregory Hoffman. This scholarship is specially awarded to those who have completed certification at Level 1 for all weapon disciplines and are on a trajectory toward being a teacher. If this applies to you, you can contact him directly about directions and specifications about the application process at